We're back!

 Yes my friends, we're back from a wonderful vacation. I will try to write this in english so my friends in Greece can understand what I'm Writing (or try to write, forgive my bad english :) )
This was the last picture we saw on my computer Before we left home.

We stopped as usual at Forsheda for a coffe-brake on the road.
When we came to Boras, there had been an accident so we couldn't take the road we usually takes to Gothenburg. The accident  had just happend so it was a bit of chaus with all the cars and lorrys. But we manage to get through Boras center and back on the right road. Thank God we started early from home.

At Landvetter Airport we found our plane. I took the usual photo but this time in Daylight!
Here is Jan checking his mail. And on the table the beer and Jaegermeister that we always drink berfore going abroad.
This is our first lunch in our hotel room.

The first night we went to our favorite restaurant, Perikles. Here is the new staff hihihi. Next year she will be running around instead of sitting in her strolly!

First meal at Perikles: Jan is having swordfish with tataresauce and I'm eating....
....lambchops, yummie!
Next day we spent by the pool, like every day. A lazy life, doing noting, just Reading, listning on music and getting a tan!
It's 18.01 and 33 degrees, me like very much!!!
As usual, view from our balcony, the bar!
At night we eat at this wonderful place
With this long menu. But it's long because it's writen in both english and greece,
And in the restaurant, Ritsa is preparing for guests
And mama is behind the counter
We like to have a glas of rosé to drink
And this time we had, fried solefish with tataresauce
beef stifado
After dinner we usually end up in the bar at the hotel, were Cris and Yanni made our night.
Breakfast, as it looks on our balcony 
We use to take a walk by the cats, There are not so may cats as it was some years ago, but the male we meet last year is still alive and kicking! We guessed that he now is the King of Cats in Lothiarika.
This little fellow lay here and looked cute with his/hers big ears. But this was NOT a good place to rest.....
just by the edge!!! Do you see the little kitten by the edge?
And then we saw this lady. At first I thought she had a skin-condition but it was her fur that was pink!
Dinner again. This time moussaka, witch I almous had eaten before I remembered to take a photo
And I had chicken gyros, yummie again!
Grandad took the little one in a basket and started to drag her around in the restaurang! She laught and the guests too!
3 of september, my 50th birthday. Nothing funny about that.
When our room was to be cleaned, Helen and her friend came with this wonderful bouquet and a card from Helen and Dave, Lucky and Domino (love you all)
Later that day the receptionist, Lollo, passed our balcony and told me that she had something for me in the reception.
I went to the reception and there was a bottle of wine and a letter from Apollo. Congrating me on me birthday.
This is our little balcony-cat for this year. She has a name, Tiny-Mum, her son is called Tiny
Now we're at the evening of my birthday. We went to Perikles with Helen (Dave have to work) and had dinner.
When we were ready to go, the restaurant went black and everybody was starting singing Happy Birthday! From the kitchen came Ritsa with a big cake!
Me and me cake! We eat a slice each and took it with us to the hotel. We gave some cake to the staff at the hotel, just to celibrate!
We went down to the hotel after dinner and waited for Dave. Suddenly they started playing Happy Birthday and I got a sparkling drink from the bar. Just about then Dave arrived and we drank some beers before it all went black. Powerloss! That's Greece for you!
My birthday was on tuesday and on thursday we went to Rhodos Town to spend a night with friends.
We stayed at Nafsika Hotel and I can recommend it if you looking for central living. Here are the view from our balcony. At this way lies the aquarium.
At this way lies the Old Town
And this is the way to the Airport.
A closeup on the beach
This is a restaurant that was a nice restaurant when we stayed in town 2006, now it's closed.
The statue is almost the first thing you see when you come to town from the Airport.
This is the bar-street. At day time it don't look much but beware at night!!
Here at Peters Bar we saw football in 2006.
Some funny chairs on bar-street
On the shopping-street we found this sleepy dog!
And this cat
The sea is really blue!!
Pefki from the bus going back to Lothiarika
When we came back to our hotel-room, Helen and her friend had made our beds.
We saw this cute couple, looking intence on something..........
...this fearful little cat! hihi
We went to Lardos and the festival. This two funny dogs were there
They look like ghosts.
So did the dancers. There were kids in all ages performing different dances.
When the kids were done, the belly-dancers came! Lollo from the reception at James is the lady to the right,
She made a wonderful performance!
Then the traditional greek-dancers came. We left during theirs performance, very tiered
One of the mornings Tiny-Mum came visiting us, and this time the camera was with us.
- Were is he?
- I sneek on him!
- Ouuuaaa, yes pet me please!
-Are you taking a picture of me?
- That's alright
- prrrrrrrrr
- Hey, you
- I like you
- Please take  me with you home
- I'm cross on you!
- Check your balcony and see if you droped something!
Nighttime in the bar, from the backside!
In the front, this happy gang was hanging out!
Here is grandma and grandad with their treasured grandchild
And Jan is petting Tiny-boy
He is the cat you can pick up and cuddle
Nice cute boy
And he has two headlight just like our cats!
 In the bar, we found this little big fellow!
The stones are like 50x50 cm
Here is Ritsa and Petrus (I hope that is his namne) with their Lovely daugther.
Grandad with his treasure!
Ioanna with mum and dad!
And the whole family!
At the hotel I met Tiny-boy and I gave him some treats that we brought from Sweden
The last night we went home to Helen and Dave. Here is Lucky with her new bone that we gave her.
Domino did get his treat to. Lucky tryes to sneak a bite.
- Yummie sad Domino!
- No more????
Helen had made us Shepards Pie. The first time we tried it and we loved it!
Here is Lucky in her winter-jacket.
- I like it mum! And I love you mum!
. Yeah, bet you do Lucky-girl!
- Pfffft
Some of the chrismas-decoration they have on their house.
Then Janne took Lucky up in his knee. I tried to take a photo of her without Janne and here's the result, one wors then the other :) But Lucky is cute anyway!
- Hey, let me down, he's here!!
Lucky and her dad! 
The all three of them! Thank you for a wonderful evening!
The next day we took the plane home to cold Sweden, brrrr
On me birthday I got this wallet from family Perikles
And I bougt me a magnet with the greek-flagg
And a bracelet
 When we came home our son told us that the dishwasher was broke. Later we fixed it but there and then it was; SHIT
Well, as I find it nice to wash by hand I started at once.
Now the machine is ok and we have started work again. I long for next vacation already.

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