Rhodos 25 aug - 8 sept 2016

THURSDAY 25/8: Once again, it's time for me to go of to Rhodes on my own. Was looking forward to have a breakfast at the Airport with my husband, before security. But the coffeshop was closed due to sickness. So no breakfast....I landed a bit early on Diagoras but Pete was there to pick me up. Then we drev down to Lardos.
For the first time I will stay at Sunshine. The hotel across the street from Periklis. Here are som pictures from the hotel.
The lobby
And then my room:
 View from the door
View when you stand in the balcony door
The balcony
View from the balcony
I had some banana-trees utside my balcony. You can't grow bananas here, it's verry difficult.
FRIDAY 26/8: Today I was going to meet little Angelica and her baby brother, Stefano. I had some presents with me.

Colin-night at James and I was there off course! Had to feed these little things to:

Four girls and one boy and a mother with an attitude.
But she is cute anyway. The kitties could eat food but the milk-bar was still open some times!
Well after my two weeks, the kittens is verry friendly and want you to pet them.
SATURDAY 27/8: A blister under my toe! It hurst! And moscito-bites iches! Otherwise I have spent the hole day by the beach!
Warm at the balcony in the afternoon. There was no sun on the balcony, ever, that was nice!
SUNDAY 28/8: Had to buy new shoes, borrow Betadine from Takis store and some plasters. Something for the itch to! Now I'm gonna tend to my blister.
In the evening I went to Pefkos to buy my own Betadine and to eat the same wonderful lamb as last year!
MONDAY 29/8: Just the beach today and the evening at Lollo and Petes!
In the afternoon something happend that never happend here before, not while I been here. Rain! Like ten drops!

Getting ready to go to Lardos!

18.45 Pete picked me and two other Swedish friends from James. We had a lovely meal and a lovely time!
Here is Pete and Bella!

Came home at 23.30 and on the balcony it was 24 degrees!
THUESDAY 30/8: Now we have tried to cath the mama cat for moving her and the kitties to Paws and Claws in Pefkos. No luck, mamy wins. So I continue to feed them as long as I'm there. I don't mind hihihi
Had lunch at home today. Not so bad at all! Cheese, olives, chips, yogurt and beer!

It's greeknight at James tonight and I went down there after dinner at Periklis.
WEDNESDAY 31/8: Today it's time to take the bus up to Rhodes Town and spend a night there. The plan is to buy things for the kids and umbrella for me and of course, meet good old friend. I stayed at Nafsika, I've been there before. Before I got on the bus I had some sallad at Periklis

View from the balcony
Present for son (not the roll-on, it's just there so you understand the sice of the knife)
To daughter Painting
I walked and walked and walked and got another blister on the other foot!
THURSDAY 1/9: Well well I had a good nights sleep and went with the bus 09.30 back home. Spend the rest of the day at the beach and ending the night at Popi's bar. I asked for a surpris dring. The bartender went out of the bar and started to pick some thing from the flowerbed. And then he made me a mojito made on basil instead of mint! It was so goooood!
Found my way to bed around 00.00
FRIDAY 2/9: Hurried down to the beach to get a sundbed among the pebbles instead of in the sand. Was planing to get my dinner at Perikis tonight but George wanted to celebrate my birthday, one day ahead, since it
was Colin-night tonight. So I changed my plans.
Had a good time and went to bed around 2 am.
Saturday 3/9: My birthday. Took an omelett for lunch and stayed on the beach until 16.30. Then home for a shower and to meet Lollo at 19. We went to Periklis for dinner. And of course, Ritsa had made a table for us.
Lollo and the bubble.

And the gifts. Olives and oil from Lollo and Pete. Their own products.
And a shawl and a calender from Ritsa and family
SUNDAY 4/9: Did not do much during the day, but I can show you a pic from the new area at the bar at James
And my little fried from 2014 and 2015
The beach
The night I spent with newfound friends. We went to Pefkos because they all wanted to see the bar Eclipse. It was originally started by a member of Pink Floyd. Here are som pictures. They had a pool inside, or the inside was outside if you understand what I mean :)
The gang minus one
After a few hours we all went home again.
MONDAY 5/9: Tierd tierd tierd. Laid on the beach the hole day.
Desided to buy some presents for the girls at work and found wonderful olivesoaps at Takis.

Went to Periklis for dinner.
And here is my hotel at night as you can see it from Periklis
A new stairway for this year!
After dinner I went down to James to talk to Lollo. And suddenly I had rented a car for tomorrow! I got a nice roadmap from Lollo, with things to see.
THURDAY 6/9: My friend for today:
Here is Lothiarika from the road South

My first stop was Plimiri beach. It was here as Bella was born. There were like two beaches. One big and one small. This is the small.
And this is the bigger
The cafe at Plimiri

Then I'm of to Prasonisis.

There were no wind today so no windsurfers in sight.
Took a cup of coffe before I went back to my car
And in the car I took a banana and som rolls
Then off again

And after Prasonisi, I went to Apolakia beach. A beach were you can't bath. To current. But a nice beach with a lots of garbage laying around. Like this big thing from a ship!
After Apolakia beach I went to the village. It was so sad to see. Earlier this summer there had been a big fire here.  They manage to rescue the houses but not the countryside.
It smelled fire. Not funny at all. But now I'm of to Limni beach! You get down from the parkinglot by the stairs. By the parking there was a shower and places to eat or drink what ever you brought with you.
 Out in the water it was like rocks and you could climb on them.
After Limni the turn came to Monlitos Casle. High up in the Mountains! The road to the casle smelled of honey. I parked my car and started the walk up to the casle.
Funny rocks all over the Place!
Steep steps and slippery!
Almost there

What a view!
I took an icecream when I got down to the car again. Then of to Sianna!
Bought my honey and visited the Church. Then of again. This time to Embonas and then Epta Piges.I was not going to stop until I got to St Nektarius Church. But suddenly I had to stop the car and get out just to hear and see. It was so quiet and the air so clean!

Next stop was St Nektarius Church. Just for the water and a visit in the little Church
Home at the hotel by late afternoon. Went to the beach first. When I got home I had to rinse my ears from greek  commercial radio. Started my Spootify and did'nt thing any one else was home. Then I heard English voices from the balcony one room away. I asked if they wanted me to turn the music down but no. So now I maid some new lovely friends from Scotland! Anne and Colin!
In the evening it was Greek Night and I was there of course. Sat with a young couple from Sweden. This little cat found the mans knee to be the best place!
Anyway, this man was brought up to the dancefloor and I moved on to another table. I just saw my scotish friends take a seat by a table. I sat down and after that the hours flew!
WENSDAY 7/9: The last day. Just stay in the sun all day. Got home in the late afternoon and then I saw them. Before I have just heard them! The goats! And the mountains I see from the balcony.

I did not see my new friends this last night. Sorry.
Thursday 8/9: Time to go home to Sweden. I took an early swim in the ocean and had my breakfast at James. Back at the hotel I met Anne and Colin. They had been on a boat trip yesterday and it was very very windy. So they got seasick. To bad. But I got Annes email och Facebook so we can keep in touch.
When I got home, it was time to unpack.....


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